How to Embed Your BookBuzzr Landing Page Widget on Your Facebook Fan Page

  Please follow the instructions below to embed the BookBuzzr ‘Landing Page Widget’ to your Facebook Fan Page: 1. Log in to 2. Click on ‘Landing Page Widget’ option under ‘Book Marketing Widgets’ section.   3. Select the ‘Curtain Raiser’ theme and click on ‘Customize’ button.   4. Enter your message in the Announcement […]

5 BookBuzzr Widgets to Inspire You in February 2014

  1. Mary Ann Bernal – The Briton and the Dane: Timeline   2. Sydney Arrison – My Heart In Seoul   3. Toye Brown – A Love Delayed, Yearning For Love, Obsessed with Taylor James, Let Me Serve You, When The Music Stops, Fighting The Desires, Law and Disorder: Partners Undercover   4. William Butler – Bang (The Bang Trilogy Book # 1)   5. The-Author Yani – A Thug’s […]

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