5 BookBuzzr AuthorPage Widgets to Inspire You in December

1. Glenn Trust promoting his books ‘Sanctioned Murder: The Term Limits Conspiracy’, ‘Criminal Enterprise: Black Water Murder’, ‘An Empty Tree’ & ‘Eyes of the Predator: The Pickham County Murders’ through Cool Page Layouts   2. Deborah Cox showcasing an excerpt from her book ‘From This Day Forward’   3. Lisa Kessler promoting her books ‘Night […]

5 BookBuzzr Flipper Widgets to Inspire You in December

  1. Lyn Ragan announcing her book ‘Wake Me Up!’   2. Scott Stevens displaying an excerpt for his book ‘Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud’‘   3. David-Matthew Barnes showcasing excerpts from his books ‘Frozen Stars’ and ‘Better Places To Go’   4. Jim Musgrave displaying excerpt for his book ‘Steam City Pirates’   5. Lisa Buie-Collard […]

5 BookBuzzr AuthorPage Widgets to Inspire You in November

  1. Devon Volkel promoting her book ‘A Witch’s Aura’ with an inspiring Bio 2. David Litwack promoting his books ‘Along The Watchtower’ and ‘There Comes A Prophet’ through YouTube videos   3. Denis McLaughlin showcasing excerpt from his book – ‘The Leadership GPS: Your Turn by Turn Guide to Becoming a Successful Leader and Changing Lives Along […]

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