Annarita Guarnieri

Annarita has a lot of love for our feline friends.  She's had a lot experience with them, too; she's been love, home and provision for over a hundred over the years.  Based on her experience, she's given us Cats:  Instructions For Use or How To Survive Being Owned By A Cat.  It's full of practical advice, anecdotes and wonderful photographs of her furry family.  Watch for it in late November. 

A proud mother of two (human) daughters, Annarita spends her days, in her native Italy, making the world a better place for readers and writers as a translator (English/Italian), editor, beta reader and reviewer.  Check out her blog, Annarita Reads, for some of her recent reviews. 

You can drop her a note at if you're interested in her reviews, her work as an editor or just to welcome her to the hill o'Beans. 

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