Anne R. Williams

Anne Richardson Williams graduated in 1969 from Vanderbilt University/Peabody College with a BFA in printmaking and painting. While owning and running a conservation framers/art gallery in Nashville, Tennessee, she continued to experiment and work with many different painting and drawing media. 

Watercolor is her painting medium of choice, becauseto paraphrase J.S. Sargentshe loves the thrill of creating art in an emergency situation. She also enjoys (and teaches) Book Arts, that is, using the book as an art form and as a medium for combining interests in expressing through both visual art and the written word.

Anne’s love of writing began with a college creative writing course she took by coincidence to fulfill a graduation requirement. During this class she first dreamed of writing stories and illustrating her writing. Her love of storytelling has been nurtured through the pleasure of years of reading aloud to her son and also of learning and appreciating the cultural stories of many different aboriginal oral traditions. 

Unconventional Means: The Dream Down Under is for Anne literally a dream come true, an opportunity in her own life to experience “…the movement from dream to action that creates the world.” 

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