Anne-Rae Vasquez

Anne-Rae Vasquez, a published author, wrote the novel and screenplay Almost a Turkish Soap Opera (to be released in 2013), Gathering Dust - a collection of poems, and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week, published by (a division of Macmillan Publishing). Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is her feature screenplay and film directorial debut. As a teenager, Anne-Rae had an interest in the fine arts and participated in theatre and drama. Anne-Rae as a youth escaped from her impoverished and hard life by writing and producing and acting in her theatrical projects. She eventually pursued a career in Internet Publishing at the point when the internet was in its infancy. She foresaw that the internet was a platform for her to further express her creative skills and establish her career as an internet pioneer.

Book(s) By Anne-Rae Vasquez

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