Antonio Hernandez Hernandez

I have been a Comic Book fan ever since i was a little one. I can remember clearly the best time to catch up on my reading was when it rained outside.  I knew coming home from school on a wet day meant moms delicious hot chocolate next to my bed. I would open the window shade and pull out my new freshly inked, odor laced, comic book. It was a joy to read as the sound of the beautiful rain droplets bounced off my window pane. I can associate that small with what you would probably associate your mothers home baked cookies. It was a great time.  

Well over 30 years have passed and those days are long behind me.  But the feeling and the smell stays deep embedded in my memory bank. I have owned and ran a very successful restaurant in NYC for many years. One day I woke up knowing that my life and that happy feeling I once knew was yearning to come out of me again. I knew I could never have that same exact feeling again, but I could get close to it. I decided to sell my business and venture into the flip side of reading. I would create my own comic book! It would have to be different from all the rest as I love History and all of its wonder. I created along with my wife an amazing character called Aluna.  She has reached great success since popping up in my head a little over a year ago.  We have created 2 book so far and our character Aluna is being played by over 5 million online gamer's, as we licensed her out to the very popular game called Heroes of Newerth. 

There are a lot of great things to come soon on Aluna. Please enjoy the 2 books as we will be announcing more books soon. I guess the saying is true,  "Follow Your Dreams"
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