Billy Young

I’m married with two kids, both in their teens. As you might imagine it does lead to some heated moments of family life. You know how it was when you were a teen; adults just didn’t understand and were still stuck in the Stone Age. That’s how my kids see me. Still I wouldn’t change it if I could.

As for my regular work well that would be minimum wage factory work when I can get it. There isn’t much of that kind of work around at the moment but one firm has called me back for short term contracts over the past couple of years. A month or two’s work is better than none, right.

When I am not in work I use the time to pursue my wish to write. I have written since I was a teen but in the old black and white days, as my kids would say, there was very little chance of getting your book in print unless you had a lot of money. With today’s Publish On Demand bringing the costs down I have finally found an outlet for my writing. This has spurned me on to write more.

In the past I would start a story but as time past I would lose interest. Now I have a goal that drives me on and that is to see it in print. I can’t afford editors so do my best with the support of my family to make each book as good as I can. I can only hope those that buy my books enjoy them.

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