Brandon Gene Petit

Brandon Gene Petit is an underground poet who writes about everything from past lives to romance, gothic to contemporary… refusing to be bound to any one subject or mood. Already an artist, business owner, and the author of two poetry collections, he is continuously working on multiple projects… including more poetry, a full-length novel, a collection of short stories and even a collection of children’s poetry.


In the words of Petit himself:


“I completed my first collection of poems, “Intrinsic Desires”, after I moved to New York in the year 2006. Years later, I expanded my emotions and abilities with “Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno”, which includes my newfound love of prose-poetry. To me, the obscure but catchy Latin phrase (which means “from the ancient, from the eternal”) represents the “old soul” in me, as well as the person I am and always will be. After delving into my heady prose, some may feel that I am merely prodding at the obscure dreams of a man who is sick of reality. But to me, I am merely saying what is on my mind… and I insist that every poem is backed by a wealth of complex (though very authentic) human emotions. To my surprise, I have discovered many who find an anchor in my writing that they can relate to… and I continue to seek them out by spreading my craft to the world.”




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