Brandy McCans

Dr. Brandy McCans is a successful chiropractor, nutrition expert, Optimum Wellness Coach, radio show host, professional speaker, seminar leader, and entrepreneur. After graduating from Texas Chiropractic College, Dr. McCans started her career in chiropractic in Baytown, Texas. As she pursued her own path to healing, she began to recognize that along with the physical aspect of healing through chiropractic and structural alignment, there is also an emotional and spiritual alignment that may be necessary for some people’s healing to take place. Dr. McCans had the blessed opportunity to meet Dr. Robert Sones who was one of the original 20 masters of the work of Dr. M.T. Morter, the founder of Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique. Dr. Sones had specialized in this form of chiropractic for many years and was capable of leading Dr. McCans down the path to greater healing. Little did he know that at the time Dr. McCans was suffering from bipolar disorder and bulimia, yet his divine work assisted Dr. McCans in reconnecting to the healing potential that resides within her body and mind. Once this reconnection took place, she was able to let go of all the drugs, pain, and symptoms of low self-esteem, and step into the role as one of the most amazing leaders in the wellness industry of our time. Dr. McCans offers online programs and conducts one-day and weekend workshops that focus on helping others step into their best life ever. These trainings are designed for those who truly want to move beyond the stagnation of their lives and leap into a life of boundless joy, happiness and healthy freedom. To learn more about Dr. McCans’ workshops, seminars and tele-seminars or to inquire about her availability as a speaker or trainer, contact her office by calling 707-655-6993 or visiting You can also follow her on: Twitter: @Dr.BrandyMcCans Facebook: drbrandymccans LinkedIn: Dr. Brandy McCans

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