C.V. Conner

C.V.Conner,MCP, MCDBA, MCSE, MS is a leading authority on Fas-Trac IT careers, and the #1 bestselling author of three technology fast trac certifications programs. He is the president & founder of JCH Group, the media, PR, and distribution firm of his books and speaking engagements. His books has been listed as recommended study material by ProProof and on the "Top 75 Best Technology Books" for 2007, 2008, and 2009.

A native of Quitman, Mississippi, C.V. spent many years toiling in the world of law enforcement and computer forensics before abandoning all reason and deciding to write full-time. 

A former Houston Police Officer & Shubuta Police Officer, C.V. finally made the difficult genre cross-over from technology to true-crime, a move that has proved fatal for many writers. However C.V. did have a prior successful test of the true crime genre as the author of "If He Did It" the celebrity O.J. Simpson murder trial.

With a Masters & Doctorate degree from Saint Luke University, C.V. continues his success as a writer from his home in Bellaire, Texas with his wife & manager, Gina. They have two sons, the youngest of which is in medical school at the time of this writing.



1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm 52 years old, married with two children, and my youngest son is presently in medical school in the Philippines. I started writing as an outlet for my constant thoughts on the places, people, and things around.

2. Describe your book Prey in 30 words or less. 

Prey is a fictional crime story of 5 innocent teenagers who pranked a vacationing family only to learn that the man of the house was an out-of-control killer just waiting for a reason. 

3. What was the hardest part of writing your book?

The hardest part of writing this book was making the time to sit down because I had started the book right in the middle of moving to a new home.

4. What books have had the greatest influence on you?

"Peace With God" and "Choices" are the two books that has had the greatest influence on my life. Both of those books help me to figure out where I wanted to go in life and how to get there.

5. Briefly share with us what you do to market your book?

Personally I use a lot of social media and author apps to help push my books out there. Authors get very little marketing assistance from publishers now days, so I think you have to take advantage of social media for sure.

6. How do you spend your time when you are not writing?

Well I'm a huge whitetail deer hunter and so I spent several months a year doing that. And I enjoy spending time in the Philippines to relax and just kinda kick back.

7. What are you working on next?

Well I have 2 books that I'll be working on to follow "Prey", one is a Christian inspirational book titled "Why Are We Sitting Here Til We Dye", and the other is my second crime fiction "To Protect & To Kill", a killer police story.

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