Carole Lethbridge

I was born in Maitland NSW Australia a small country town, when I was about six my family moved to the industrial east coast town of Newcastle. I had no formal education as my parents didn't believe in education for girls. Like my sister I was expected at fourteen to go to work in a factory and earn my keep.

I used my creative talents as a way of escaping a life as a factory worker, and by my mid teens was working in the art department of David JonesĀ an exclusive department store in Australia. From there I went onto have a successful career in Sydney and by the mid-eighties was on the board of an international advertising agency.

Less successful in my personal life and after a bout of ill health, I moved in 2007 to the Blue Mountains, 100km west of Sydney. Not long after I moved, I decided to explore online dating in the hope of finding romance online.

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