Cecilia Helena Amaya

The late Cecilia Helena Amaya was the author of 'Love is Forever: On this Earth and in Any Other'.

Cecilia’s lust for life and passion for travel sprang from the exotic country of her birth, Colombia, where she grew up surrounded by vibrant colours, lush forests and the music of nature all around. 

Her studies took her to university in the States and various courses in the UK. Then she worked in London for a while before taking off again, to Geneva. There she met the love of her life who whisked her off to start a tour of the world, which she had always wanted to do.

Business then took Cecilia even further afield – managing several high-powered government projects – she travelled around the Far East and Asia. Returning to London she created her own thriving company – unique in a City controlled by businessmen at that time.

Always working, ever entertaining, Cecilia and her love lived in true happiness for several decades, the life we all long to enjoy. Now Cecilia continues her travels among the stars – alone, until it is time for Waris to join her. 

These poems are the reflections of the beginning of that life.

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