Charles Jackson

Mr. Charles Jackson holds no degrees in counseling nor is he an attorney or CPA. His comments are purely from personal experiences and speaking with other individuals, attorneys and counselors, both male and female, who have endured or derive a living from the divorce process.

In addition to Mr. Jackson’s two personal divorces and constant financial and emotional setbacks as a result of his divorces, he is also a child of divorced parents. He is hoping to help others identify and accept financial issues they may face in contemplating marriage or divorce. And, he believes that by knowing these issues early in your decision making process, you will be able to make better decisions on the issues you may face.

Such decisions may include trying to restore your marriage and reduce the financial and emotional stress involved in the divorce process. However, if divorce is inevitable, he hopes that you will have a better understanding on what to expect in the divorce process, maintain what is rightfully yours, work towards an equitable division of community assets and end the financial raping that usually occurs as a result of the divorce.

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