Christine Kent

Since 2003, Christine Kent has been helping women successfully manage pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, which affect more than eighty percent of all women at some point in their lives.  In her landmark book, Saving the Whole Woman, for the first time she has accurately described female pelvic anatomy and the relationship between natural female spinal configuration and the pelvic organ support system.  

Now, after over a year of intensive research, she has produced the first book demonstrating the relationship between spinal configuration and the hip joint, the source of chronic pain for millions of women.  The companion DVD shows how women can take charge of their health, stay out of the operating room, and successfully manage their degenerative hip conditions.

Christine’s company, Whole Woman Inc., hosts and makes Christine’s books, videos, consultations and classes available to women throughout the world.  The mission of Whole Woman Inc. is to provide legitimate, science-based non-surgical alternatives to traditional surgical interventions for chronic conditions primarily affecting women.

In addition to her books, Christine has produced a number of DVDs including:

  • First Aid for Prolapse
  • First Aid for Prolapse for Elders
  • The Whole Woman Yoga®series
  • The Whole Woman Way to Vulva Vaginal Health

Christine conducts phone and personal consultations as well as classes for women with chronic prolapse and degenerative hip conditions.

Christine has also trained and certified Whole Woman® Practitioners to make her methods more widely available for women.  Practitioners now work in Australia, the UK, Canada and the US.

Christine lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA where she runs the Whole Woman Center.  She holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both anthropology and nursing.  


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