Dan Blaze

Dan Blaze was born is the small town of Port Dover, Ontario in Canada.  After spending 8 years as a farm-worker, and then in manufacturing, Dan entered the field of sales at the age of 22.  

Dan Blaze made various attempts to start his own business promoting the arts.  Having failed in this entrepreneurial adventure four times before building a business as a third-party sales and lead-generation company, initially called DEJB CO (Now The Suadela Mercury Company).   
In Order to sell more effectively for his clients, and sell his services to new clients, Dan sought to find one single book that would aid him in developing his skills as a professional salesperson.  After 3 years of searching, he concluded that was not available.   Dan then spent the following 6 years learning everything he could about sales, and all related fields of study, and wrote personal notes into a book entitled The Master Sales Manual, which was intended to be kept as his own personal reference guide. 
After proving the psychology behind The Master Sales is effective in real life sales situations, Dan Blaze has made a dedication to sharing these methods through books and other materials.

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