Darlene P

~~Darlene Winston was raised in Waverly, a small town in Virginia.  She spent her adolescence reading when she wasn't outside running behind her uncle and male cousins. Her family didn't have money for summer vacations so, she spent a lot of time in the local library. It was there that she got excited about books and the power of words, thus becoming an avid reader of anything from a cereal box to a novel.
 She earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Virginia Union University in Richmond, Va. To fulfill a promise made to her mom, years later she returned to school to participate in a Master’s Degree program. She earned a Master’s in Business with a concentration in Information Technology Management from Touro University International.
Currently Darlene resides in Chester, VA with her husband, son and their dog. Her daughter is now considered a part-time resident since she's away at college but she knows that she will always have a home with them. In addition to reading and writing, she loves to bowl and travel. She also likes spending time with her husband and two kids when their busy schedules permit.
She works full time for a large insurance company where she also gets to write. Although the nature of the writing is different, she enjoys it.

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