David Welsh

Having picked up the Hobbit at the age of seven, I was hooked on fantasy novels and vowed to write my own. Ok, so it only took 30 years but I finally did it!

My background is in Virtual Reality and I spent a good deal of time working in this field when i’d decided it was time to move on and fell into video game development.

As for my writing? It’s one of those things I find relaxing and stressful, often at the exact same time! I sometimes feel my brain is being torn in two. I’m sure whoever reads this can easily relate to the feeling too.

When I write, I love writing about the ‘underdogs’, where the heroes are real but seriously flawed. This gives an excellent opportunity to throw in some humor too, because while its great to create a fantasy world, I always want to give the reader an opportunity to smile and laugh once in a while too.

When i’m not writing, you can usually find me wandering around looking aimlessly with a camera here in Santa Monica. Or, if you’re a scuba diver, make sure to wave when you see me under the waves. And finally, if you happen to be in the hills after dark and see some guy squinting through his telescope, please don’t be afraid. Instead, please offer me a cup of tea because my hands are usually freezing!

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