Deana Murphy

She’s firm in her own conviction and confidence. She’s enlightening and challenging as she’s stirring and encouraging.  Author Deana Murphy’s life-enriching and thought-provoking writing style and insight intothe kingdom blueprint and the “God First” attitude in home design distinguishes her  as an unforgettable design star as a non-fiction author.  Deana Murphy is a living example of how the spiritual then natural elements of design are the keys to living with peace, security, and quiet rest in life and home. As a living example of living with order over chaos, Deana shares her lessons learned and examples of her experiences moved through her written work. As a prolific author and inspirational speaker, Deana uncovers the common challenges, confusion and fears that every family stumbles upon.

Inspirational speaker, lifestyle designer, TV/Radio personality and coach, Deana Murphy is also the author of Designing for the King and owner of LivingDesigns™ Unlimited, a full service and mail order interior design company, and The Designing for Success Institute ( a popular Internet site that offers tips and tools for designing from the inside out.

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