Deborah Weed

Deborah Weed has had an extensive thirty-year career in marketing/entertainment that has included everything from being: Director of Marketing for Fame International responsible for a 26 million-dollar pavilion; Director of Development for Citibank; Creator/Producer of “Sensations”; “The Disappearance of Dino Dinero”; “The Sticky Bun Bandits”; “Compassionate Chip Cookies & Milk,” etc. . .

A life threatening health challenge redirected Weed’s life. She got stuck and realized that people defined her by the circumstances, rather than by a lifetime of experiences. After regaining her mojo, Weed decided to leap into the world of writing, inspirational speaking and coaching so that she could provide a shortcut for others who are experiencing disappointment and feeling misunderstood.

“The Luckiest Penny,” is Weed’s first book. “The Luckiest Penny” is the story of two rare 1943 pennies. One penny remains out of circulation, full of himself and selfish, caring only about how much money he is worth. The other penny decides to experience living and along the way discovers what really matters in life.

“This book was written to give children a healthy set of values that will assist them on their journey in life. I want them to remember what is really important so that they don’t get discouraged by life’s ups and downs,” said Weed. The book’s genre is a fable/allegory and the illustrations by Ernest Socolov, transport the reader into the alternative world of a penny who is tarnished and yet loved!

An all original, musical interactive production is being created and produced for “The Luckiest Penny.” The show should be ready in November.

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