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Deepak Chaswal is a poet, Prof. of English and a critic. His poetry exhibits his perception of the universe from the perspective of an insider. His poems have been published in reputed international poetry journals like Pacific Review, Sam Smith The Journal, Pamona Valley Review, Forge, Enchanting Verses, Earthborne Poetry Magazine, Kritya- A Journal of Poetry, Indian Ruminations,Bicycle Review to name a few. One of his poems has recently been selected in Human rights poetry anthology by University of London. The anthology will be released in October 2013.

Eminent poets and critics have highly appreciated and found great merit in chaswal's poetry.

Expert views about his poetry book 'Meeting with Christ and Other Poems'(available on Kindle):

Prof. Hugh Fox (Professor Emeritus of Michigan State University, archaeologist, editor, writer, and iconic poet of international fame) has liked and appreciated this book in these words:
"One of the deepest, widest, most universal poetry books ever written about individual spirituality in a world-wide context. And Chaswal has the single most original view of Christianity in all its totality and specifics of anyone else on the contemporary scene. What he wants is individual sanity, salvation, an escape from the depravities of the modern world into an ancient oneness with the universe, a kind of reworking of human spirituality, so that it really functions and Man as such can glide into, drift into individual completeness. Christ isn't someone distant for Chaswal but someone he goes to Jerusalem to meet and converse with, all about a return to essential humanity. He hates greed, selfishness, in a sense the whole mechanical-cybernetic drifting of the modern world into a flow that is turning humankind into something minor and self-involved that it was never intended to be. Chaswal identifies with blacks, whites, Indians in India, name it, he identifies with it. Universalism at its most universal. You read his poetry and you go through a kind of spiritual renewal. One of, perhaps, THE most spiritually renewing poet on the contemporary scene. WONDERFUL WORK! I really loved it."

In the words of Candice James, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC CANADA :
"Deepak Chaswal is a master of words and weaves them into an intricate pattern that indelibly imprints the mind. His poem, "Man", tells succinctly the story of our existence from cradle to grave. In "Day of Judgement" Chaswal's poetry wanders the bleak alleyways of ignorance, atrocity, and man's inhumanity to man. He then leads us from the paths of iniquity into a gentle serenity with his musing in his poem "Joy". Deepak Chaswal bares his soul to bleed onto every page that you may be further enriched for reading it."

Felix Nicolau (prolific poet, novelist, critic and Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at "Hyperion" University of Bucharest, Romania, where he is the Dean of Faculty of Letters and Foreign Languages) observes:
"Now and again Christ pops up before our eyes - bearer of intense messages. But when He emerges in front of the Poet there'll be some mind-twisting revelation for sure. Deepak Chaswal regretfully conjures apocalypse and playfully takes snapshots of voracious appearances. His art can't sit legs crossed and contemplate ivory towers. Every verse in this book testifies for or against something, proving the intellectual and political charge of contemporary poetry. Then, the details and frailties of a world in turmoil are cunningly surprised by the poet. Such an art refutes the confined vision of Cyclops and energetically assumes the thousand-eyed body of Argus. More than ever, the poet is a seer, full of experience and innocence in the same time."

Philip Ellis , a freelance critic, poet and scholar from Australia comments:
"The poetry of Deepak Chaswal's Meeting with Christ and Other Poems invokes the exterior world in language both spiritual and secular, so that the world becomes something newer and stranger than what it was in the past. It is also a melange of images and motifs which appear, disappear and reappear throughout this collection, and it is a body of work unique to his life experiences and his worldview. It is a poetry where the tropes of Western religion, such as Christ and angels, encounter Chaswal's eastern milieu and are transformed, made, again, strange. The result of all this is a verbal and formal richness, using rhyme and free verse alike in its dexterity, and poems that are both distinctive and distinctively lyrical. Chaswal's compassion for his wider world informs Meeting with Christ: And Other Poems, and this compassion is evident also in the visions that it reveals of what India is and has become for him."

Al Beck (Professor Emeritus at Culver-Stockton College a popular poet, academician, curriculum developer, and professional American Folksinger) admires this book in the following words:
The reader's soul is about to be sensitively touched by India Poet Deepak Chaswal's creative spirit. This will be an unique bonding experience for you. The following are some considerations to prepare any reader of this book for an inspiring connection with the author. Deepak Chaswal has a mind-expanding power and an incomparable passion for philosophic verbal art. His poetic form is a unique blend of metaphor and emotional impact which is bound to excite every reader. Deepak's dynamic spirit, energy and talent play together as he presents this wonderful selection of poems. Get ready to be both entertained and inspired. Built within his special style there includes a focus on questioning the existence of the immoral social order which has degenerated the sacred character of human survival. His poetry encompasses the heaven and the earth, the mighty and the weak, both reason and emotion. Many have been positively impressed by Deepak's poetry structure. Its lyrical quality reflects an appreciation for an individual's progress and devotion to development. Deepak's rich verbal imagery has been recognized by national as well as international organizations. Included in his diverse poetic art are some very special Haiku. He is quite connected to this three-line type of mental image. His ability to compose feelings for nature and human issues are outstanding. It is also a pleasure to read his longer poems which have gentle as well as strong messages to share. His devotion for the betterment of mankind has greatly influenced many of his poems. I am impressed that he has creative interest in this issue. Please prepare yourself for a truly enjoyable experience.

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