Denise M. Main

I love writing! And I'm lucky that two of my books have been published and a third has been accepted by my publisher World Castle Publishing which is good since its part of a series, the 'Structure Chronicles'!

I was born in Yorkshire, England, in a town where EmilyBronte was a governess for a while, not at the same time I lived there, though, I hasten to add. I did, however, find the love of my life there - a Scottish writer working in advertising. We set up house together, got married and had two boys. A little later, we moved over the Pennines to Cheshire, and settled accompanied by a wide assortment of animals. With my family, I have the type of memories where the sun always shines.

I help my youngest son with MythCast, his small business of sculpting, casting and painting all types of collectables.

I love drawing, writing, daydreaming, caffeine, chocolate, cakes, comic books, horror and fantasy, really any book regardless of genre, as long as it's well written.

Talent is talent, so I don't care who or what the author is. We are all people - all the same species - one day, we'll remember that.

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