Devika Primic

Devika is an Indian writer.  Born in the Republic of South Africa and has found her peace in tranquility in beautiful Croatia.

The life experiences  and challenges gave her more strength to move forward in a new life and culture.

The different lifestyles from one country to another has changed her  in many ways. Acceptance is key to a  new life and writing about experiences has led the writer to believe in herself.

''I now see life from my own  perspective and have improved my knowledge of both countries in a unique way.''

''South Africa and Croatia has shown me greatly the true meaning of life.''

Writing has shown me more about my life and has changed the way I think and do.

''I believe that writing opens the mind to all kinds of experiences and when you believe you become hopeful in life.''

I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts on Hubpages.

Devika is a published author of:

The Simple Uses of Herbal Teas and Indian Spices.

Herbs and Other Cures: Rare Herbal Healing.

You can find the a lot more on

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