Doris Basil

Doris Ijeoma Basil-Ibegbulam now known as Doris Basil is a wife and mother of four children. She is the CEO of a group of online retail businesses since 1999. She is also a Fashion Designer with her own line under the brand name ‘Doris Basil’. In the last few years she took some time off the retail businesses to concentrate on establishing her own fashion line. But nothing has given her much fulfillment as the spiritual growth and her relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ who inspired her to write this book to alert her fellow Christians to get into ‘a sense of urgency’ in their readiness for the second coming of our Lord.

As a young Catholic girl she literally melted at the sight of any picture of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ after she was taught at the Church and Catechism about the life and the crucifixion of our Lord. It was at that young age that she developed the desire to have a relationship with our Lord but then she did not quite understand what it meant to a have that relationship with him, until now that she is older and has grown spiritually. She is happy to finally understand what it means to have a relationship with our Lord, which is to pick up her cross and follow him, trust and love him and his Father our God and never deviate from that love and most importantly to learn to live by faith in him.

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