Eileen Register

My life is many-faceted; I am a mother of four, grandmother of 9, retired English teacher, avid karaoke singer, amateur web designer, and published author.  I'm currently working on an 8-book series called Grisholm County Chronicles. After completing Adrianna, which I published with Xlibris in 2007, I decided that my future novels would be a little bit more explicit regarding sex and violence but only to the extent that such things fit the storyline. The first novel of the Grisholm County series, Roller Coaster Ride, is completed and ready for publication, and the second of the series, Sylvan Creek, is about one-third finished.  I am currently seeking a literary agency to represent my novels and hope to publish these two novels soon, either as two separate novels or as a "double novel."

All of my novels have a common thread - one of the main characters in each of them is dealing with a physical disability that is significant to but not the defining feature of the characters or the novels.  I include this aspect of life in my novels because I have been dealing with paraplegia for over 22 years.  In my life experience, I have found that few people know how to relate to me as a "Normal" individual and tend to treat me differently.  Through the disabled characters in my writings, I hope to educate people about how to deal with new or ongoing disabilities in their own lives as well as how to relate to disabled individuals in general.  I am careful, however, not to make the disability the main focus of any of my books - the main plot/storyline of each novel deals with romance, mystery, and suspense.

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