Ellen Postolowski

Ellen Postolowski was born in Mahwah, NJ in 1966. She is the daughter of Frank and Susan Postolowski, and she has five siblings. Her interest in food began at an early age while standing at her mother's side.

Ellen's love for the diversity of food and her desire to look and feel her best have motivated her to create delicious as well as nutritious meals and snacks.

Ellen attended Ramapo College of NJ where she majored in literature.During this time, she started Sweet Surrender, a small baking company that specialized in offering healthier dessert options to restaurants, coffee houses, and delis. Ellen owned and operated Sweet Surrender for eight years, until she was contacted by Jason Kidd (one of the NBA's top point guards)and his wife, Joumana. They hired Ellen as their personal chef to help them and their children make better food and nutrition choices by involving them in the cooking process and educating them about food and the importance of healthy eating.

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