Emmanuel Richard Tchami

Born in North WestProvince, The Republic of Cameroon, E. R Tchami now lives in Warsaw, Poland where he has been teaching Ordinary and Business English as a hobby in schools and companies for the past four years. His career has also involved the teaching of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology in many educational institutions and he is the holder of Honours degrees in Microbiology and Medical Laboratory Technology.


Mr. Tchami has travelled extensively, during which times came forth the inspiration for his first published Book ‘I Come in Peace’, and has served as a volunteer for the campaign against HIV/AIDS in various countries.  His other interests include movies, exploratory expeditions, tennis, and of course writing.  Of gregarious personality he loves nothing more than to relax over a drink with friends and discuss a variety of controversial issues embracing political, social, religious etc.


With ambitions to become a full-time writer, and with two more books awaiting publication (“The Moon Mission Society” and “Gruesome Vengeance”) this vividly imaginative and undoubtedly talented Author with a flair for the macabre, is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

Book(s) By Emmanuel Richard Tchami

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