Emmy Swain

Emmy Swain believes in the magical power of animals to heal and guide the human spirit. Emmy's creativity was poured into music as a child and young adult. It then spilled into inventing, and eventually into writing. Life lessons linked with fantasy create a book series that any age will enjoy. Emmy has captured this in a world of her own. The Franklin Bean series was born out of her conversations with her own beloved pets to help end the devastating effects of bullying. The single mother has been an inventor, restaurateur, and business owner for over two decades. “Franklin Bean storybooks are created to be lean forward experiences, encouraging children to actively relate the characters’ situations to their real-world,” Swain says. “Intuitively, the words and illustrations reach into the readers’ imaginations, where real learning takes place. Choice allows them to craft their own story.” “That’s the beauty of Franklin Bean’s magic . . . new possibilities emerge.” A portion of book sales goes to the Worldwide Organization, Operation Smile.

Book(s) By Emmy Swain

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