Fiordaliza Charles

Fiordaliza Charles is a mother, devoted to her family and she began writing poetry since the age of eight when she wrote "I can't speak your language" due to her classmates teasing her about her inability to speak the English. She decided that very moment that poetry will serve as her way to cope with life's many challenges.

She became an author in November 2009 and published her first three poetry books soon after, she became a self-published author and published a novel entitled "Can I Tell You a Secret?" 

Fiordaliza is the CEO of The Poetic Lounge a company that came about from an idea that her and Author Charron Monaye had after coming across so many talented writers during networking. Thus far they have accomplished to compiled three poetry and short story anthologies entitled "The Poetic Lounge" volumes 1-3. These anthologies have helped to showcase some of the best poets and writers worldwide. 

In March 2012 The Poetic Lounge Project merged into TPL Publications LLC which is dedicated to publishing many of today's authors worldwide. She is looking forward to helping many talented writers become publish for the first time and to aide as they continue their literary journey. 

Thus far she has helped published Talisha Mallory author of "Deception" and she is working around the clock to help publish author Antinea Maye Carpenter author of "My Spoken Passion", Kurk Haris, Joyce Jones and Fabiola Sully just to name a few as she continues on her literary journey. 

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