Fritz Michel

Fritz Michel, a true angel and prophet, has opened his heart and soul to give the gift of his understanding to a waiting world. Fritz knows that before Christ can come again, the world must be prepared. In this eye-opening and inspiring book, Fritz explains the fallacies of the modern church, and provides strong direction for Christians to reform themselves and their worship. He discusses the signs of the coming End Times, and shares his brilliant vision of how the world will change. How can you be sure that Fritz is a true prophet? You must judge by the fruits of his labor – you must judge by how true and sweet they really are, rather than listening to those who simply disagree with him. Now is the time to take responsibility for your faith: open your eyes to recognize what is truly good, and feel it in your soul. The time you spend with Fritz will change your life, and allow you to change the lives of those around you when you spread his astonishing message.

Book(s) By Fritz Michel

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