Gatot Soedarto

Capt (Ret) Gatot Soedarto, was born in Tuban, East Java, he graduated from The Indonesia Naval Academy.

Former Chief of The Indonesia Coast Guard's Fleet, lecturer at The Indonesia Naval Academy, lecturer at The Indonesia Naval Staff and Command College, lecturer at The Indonesia Armed's Command School

Ever since then junior officer he has frequently written articles or scientific writings in various magazines and mass media.

The books of his works among others are: Computer Engineering (1981), Prevention and Coping with Fire Hazards (1983), Preventing the Environmental Destruction from Fire Hazard ( 1985), Stress and How to Overcome it ( 1989 ), Sun Tzu and Naval Strategy ( 2012 ), Lessons of the Falklands War ( 2013 ), Rubik's Cube for beginners ( 2014 ), Einstein-Arthur Eddington, dan Astronomi ( 2014 ), Other Views of Naval Battles ( 2014 ), Eclipse 1919 ( 2014 ).

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