Grahame Howard

I was born in Nottingham, England and lived there until I was 23. From thereon, I travelled around a bit before settling down in Dorset.
I am married to my lovely wife Hazel and have 3 grown up children and 5 grandchildren.
My passion for writing has always been there and has actually grown over the years.

Being a writer is a competitive lifestyle. It doesn’t just happen but has to be treated like fine wine, maturing over the years. Many times, budding authors give up after a few rejections from publishers. Really though, that’s the time to keep on. A rejection can hurt and take one’s confidence away. However, please let me encourage you - you should never give up trying. One day, you may just get lucky.
That’s what happened to me. I had a passion to be published but try as I may, every time I sent a manuscript away it would return with that infamous rejection note.
I thought about giving it all up - many times. However, there was a ‘book within me’ and I had this drive to see it published. It happened in 2008. I sent my manuscript for All Bagged Up to Pneuma Springs Publishing. Two weeks later, I received an email just before Christmas, accepting it for publication. What a great Christmas present that was.
Since then, I have been busy at work, creating new titles. My children’s book, The Wishing Book was also accepted and you can read about this by tapping the ‘Other books’ button above.
Writing is a passion rather like reading. I have enjoyed every moment just sitting with my laptop creating these books. I now invite you to check them out and if you decide to purchase one, enjoy!

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