James Hoch

For 38 years, I enjoyed a productive career as a music educator.  I taught at the university level as well as high school.  The longest stretch was 16 years at Winona State University in Minnesota.  I also picked up a few other skills along the way such as piano tuning and composing.  My compositions are published by Zames Music Co., and I am proud of two CDs produced of my chamber works.  They are available from iTunes and Cdbaby.com.

I retired from Winona State University in May 2008 to begin a vagabond existence as a fulltime RVer.  My wife Zoe, my dog Ruby, and I love the freedom to roam.  It’s a great feeling having downsized from a big Victorian home.  Less clutter in our lives!

My new writing career includes articles with the magazine Marathon and Beyond.  My foray into the area of writing novels began with my first full-length book-- Milford Spitz and the Very Fast Machine.  I’ve discovered that letting my imagination run amok and getting it down on paper is addictive.  Now if I can get the voices to stop, I’ll be fine.

SynergEbooks began publishing my new series, The Crimson Pursuit, in January 2010.  The first book is titled “Reveka’s Return.”  Book 2, “Reveka’s Revenge” is being released October 2010.  It’s the perfect series for vampire fans who want a more adult approach with a bit of steamy involvement.  Book 3, “Reveka’s Rampage” is underway.

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