Jerry D. Nicholes Sr


authorHello my name is Jerry Don Nicholes, Sr., and I am the Author of the book The Voices in My Head. I live and write out of South Carolina which just happens to also be my place of birth. The fact is, I spent my life living in Maryland. My addiction is writing; not just one genre but a few. My passion is murder mystery, horror, suspense thrillers, and self help books.

I am the proud father of many wonderful children. I also have been blessed with many grandchildren. I married a wonderful woman who stands by my side and supports me in all my endeavors. I am currently continuing my creative writing activities, and have finished the second book in a trilogy of books based on The Voices in My Head. I have also starting writing the third installment of the series.

My goal is to write and entertain your mind with as many great stories as I can. I will continue to write for as long as I can while hoping to entertain my reading audience for as long as humanly possible. I call the books I write mind movies. My stories will come alive and hold you hostage for the time you start to read my work until you have finished it. The end result will leave you anticipating the next edition. My joy would be to see my reading audience share in some of my great stories. They will have to hold on to the edges of their seats and prepare to be taken on the journey of a lifetime without ever leaving the comforts of their easy chair.

When he isn’t writing or telling stories, Jerry Don Nicholes, Sr. enjoys spending time with his family, cooking outdoors, and playing games with his grandchildren. He currently lives in South Carolina.


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