Jessica Agnew

Hi, my is Jessica and I write vampire romance novels. I have always been drawn to vampires. My love of them started with the lost boys, I thought they were the coolest bunch of vampires I had ever seen. Something about them just appealed to me, and then there was the romance of it all. I must confess that Bram Stokers Dracula with Gary Oldman did have a serious effect on me. After watching that movie about a thousand times, I really knew I wanted to write a book. One thinking they want to write is one thing, but what is one to write about? I finally came to the decision to write vampire stories and later I realized that I wanted to write romance as well. So why not combine the two great loves together, they belong together.
Five years ago I started writing the book that would be published as Deadly Liaisons. After many of trial and error I knew what I had to do to even write a book. So I decided to pay it forward. This blog is about my book and I also long to help others get started on the path as well. 

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