Jesus Villalobos

I am 53 years old and have been studying the Scriptures since I was eeight. I have authored nine books self publishing them as ebooks.
"Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood," 
"Time For Truth."
These show the date of Jesus' return. Matthew 24 does not say we cannot know when Jesus will return. It states we cannot know the day heaven and earth get destroyed by His Father Revelation 20:11.
My other books are titled:
"Forgotten Keys of the Kingdom"
"Anti-Christ's Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery"
"The Legend of the Cave" (sequel to AntiChrist's Birth;)
"R.A.I.N." (Retaliatory And Inverse Navigation)
"2012 and Beyond"
"Mathematics and Scripture"
"Revelation of Mysterious Patterns within the Word of God"
My books are available at:

Ebook versions available at: 5.00 and 10.00
Jesus Villalobos

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