Jim Moore

My name is Jim Moore former bodybuilding competitor for around twenty years. I was lucky to win 5 UK and Britsh titles during this period: althoughee my career was interupted by a serious car crash that left me with Brain Trauma and in the following months I was also diagnosed with M.E. But I went on to win yet another 4 titles.

This book is about triumph over adversity, but while it  is extremely humorous as real life when reflected on often is: it is also brutally honest and strips away the Dream tan to lay the sport bare like never before.

I had read many bodybuilding books that breezed over the taboo subjects of performance-enhancing drugs and mental health issues and I wanted to write something that gave the readers the real facts on a sport that has intrigued many and given a meaning to life for others.

This is the good, the bad and the damn right ugly world of competitive bodybuilding as you've never heard it before


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