Jo Royston

From England UK JO Royston, born J Orton grew up in the small town of Droylsden on the outskirts of the city of Manchester.

Age 13, when embarking upon a project assigned to me by my English teacher at St Damian's High School; I was unaware that the writing of my first full length book was also the time when I first shook hands with my enemy.

Many years later as a mature student undertaking a degree in criminology I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Feeling a mix of self disappointment & realisation. I know now that I can never thank that teacher enough for introducing me to a hobby which assisted in building my confidence around an area where otherwise I would never have belonged.

Achievements: include My beautiful children, My family, My Degree in criminology, My working class background & work ethics & now the self publishing of my books, enabling others to share with me that which as been & always will be a fight: my use of words to release the imaginary world within.

Book(s) By Jo Royston

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