John Darrin

John Darrin is a consultant on nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness. His experience in the nuclear industry has taken him all over the world, from China to Finland, from Central America to Canada, and includes dismantling obsolete nuclear reactors, the safe treatment and disposal of nuclear weapons waste, the recovery from the Three Mile Island accident, and manufacturing electronic instruments to monitor radiation.
Evicted from his comfortable life by the untimely death of his wife in 2007, John gave away his belongings and now lives in his RV and travels the country on his Go Places / Meet People / Do Things Tour of North America - coming soon to a location near you.

His novel,  Screenshot, is a techno-thriller about a multi-millionaire entrepreneur with a bent for murder, and a talent for creating bizarre and aptly-named killing machines. His latest business plan is interactive pay-per-view executions, live on the Internet, and the paying public lines up for the chance to pull the trigger and watch the spectacle. A crackpot scientist holds the key to bursting his bubble, and a free-lance writer and a rogue FBI computer geek must use it to unlock the secret of his identity and stop the killings before they become the next prime-time broadcast. For more information, visit

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