Jon Berghoff

Jon began earning a six figure income his first year in business, while still in high school, as a distributor for Cutco Cutlery. Jon compiled a list of records which placed him number one in sales--ultimately achieving what over 1,000,000 other distributors in the 58 year company history had not.

Jon went on to parallel his success managing sales in the health club and wellness industry, once again building a client base of 2,000 plus customers, and a championship sales team from scratch, all by the age of 23.

For more than a decade now, Jon has uncovered, tested and taught sales and influence strategies. Jon's interactive trainings have now reached over 75,000 live students internationally and he has conducted over

3,500 private coaching calls with clients from more than 100 professions and trades.

Jon also blends into his trainings his experience as an endurance athlete. He is a passionate supporter of The Front Row Foundation, a cause which remains close to his heart.

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