Joseph S Sturniolo

Joseph S. Sturniolo shelved his first love, a career in teaching drama & mounting plays, to better support his growing family as a stock broker and later as the owner of a very successful wealth management firm. In the course of assisting his financially secure clients with retirement planning, he realized the real issue for many of them - as it was for him - was not about having enough money in retirement. It was about not having enough meaning in retirement. Aided by two psychologists with expertise in life transitions, he developed "ROAR-in" multi-day workshops for his clients, and later the public at large. His ROAR membership organization provides ongoing support and community for workshop participants. The workshops help people rediscover or reconnect with long-abandoned gifts and passions. After three decades away from teaching and employing his flair for public speaking and theatrical techniques, in his workshops Joe now has found that his own journey at last has led him home.

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