Julia Widdop

Julia Widdop is a personal coach who works with individuals who wish to explore personal growth through their writing and artwork. Julia conducts Reflective Interviewing sessions over Skype to explore the writings and artwork her clients have sent to her in advance of the sessions. These private sessions help individuals to clarify messages from their own inner higher self. Sessions can be recorded for later review. Julia offers free sessions to individuals who are willing to have the sessions broadcast live as demonstrations of the method.

Julia is also a grandmother who wrote a book to explain the big bang to her grandson. This book could be more correctly called an art book because it is filled with wonderful watercolors by illustrator, Jeanette Falconetti. Julia is currently writing a workbook to support her writer's program called The Writers Journey. See more about the Writers Journey at: www.WritersJourney.com.

Book(s) By Julia Widdop

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