Karen Monteverdi

Karen is member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and does hereby stand by the ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct. Beginning in 1991, Karen started on her personal growth journey. Today with all of the classes, workshops, seminars, educations programs and the International Coaching Academy (ICA) Karen has integrated all the information into a series of pre designed modules, and customized coaching sessions.


Karen achieved her certification in coaching at ICA, the international learning environment created a diversity and freedom opening up the boundaries of the world.


Karen's training has incorporated bodywork, science, physics, quantum physics, meditation, centered relaxation, exploration of beliefs and operational codes to promote health, aliveness, empowerment and balance in life.


Karen lives in Portland Oregon with her husband Sean. Together they have 5-children who love the outdoors and all of the activities Portland offers. Karen has traveled to Costa Rica on an Eco-tour and Sean and Karen traveled to Italy for their honeymoon. They will be back!


Karen actively supports practitioners of bodywork with coaching, brainstorming and supporting of their business endeavors. She has actively promoted such projects as The House of Light Health Center, The Healing Hour, Autism Answers by Rosemary’s Solutions for Sustainable Wellness and Michael’s Story a Shaken Baby Syndrome survivor. A portion of the royalties of this book goes to Michael’s Story. Sharing the message NEVER SHAKE A BABY!

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