Kieran Chapman

Welcome to my inner life, this has been written to the free the mind for a second, it is not just an about us page, it is a reason to live a little more and it is a reason to escape from the rest of the world. I will begin by telling you the little basic facts that all stalkers find useful, my full name is Kieran Jamie Lee Chapman, currently living in the North East of England, (Yes, this place does have its ups and downs).

I was born ten full days after the New Year bells struck twelve in 1995. (Moment of thanks to the nurses who helped birth me) I do admit that the majority of the time I am an utter twat to everyone,but deep down I have always looked up you, you are part of our future, the main reason for us to believe and appreciate the things in life.

Now, the main aspect of my life is Social Media… I know it does sound a little stupid but it saved me, I think it saved us all in a way. I used to be the little shy child until the creation of my online profiles, this allowed me to recognize the independence and willingness of others, how people are only people, how people have their own opinions and most of all what life is really about.

After leaving school in 2011 I had started to pick up on my social media accounts and have never regretted it since. Social Sites has allowed me to get myself known, it allowed me to relate to others knowing everyone has a story, everyone is different, how unique we all are and best of all how great people are.

I have spoke to so many people from all over the world and each day I can smile, go outside and ignore all the haters, I can be me. Simply because I know that when we are in the online surface of things we all fit in, so why is the outside world not the same? Why can everyone not become friends? I mean at the end of the day we all came out of a vagina? What is so different about you? What makes you think you can be bigger and better than everyone else? 

I want to make you smile, the more you smile the more I smile and the main way I can do this is by being so open and let you into my life, tell you my mistakes, achievements, novelty brain thoughts and well basically invite you into my journey to the unknown. We do not live to please others, we live to please ourselves and my goals now is to inspire people, let people know that people out there do actually care and are on your side.

Just do not give up, stay and smile, embrace yourself onto a new journey. Thank you for being in my life.

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