Laqulia Shinn

Author LaQulia Shinn This book is based on the life of a, strong Black Single Mother, who endured, more than her, share of pain, heartache,tears, disappointments, failures, and of course Drama!... After drowning in past sorrows for almost 10 years, she has developed the perfect Masterplan and Strategy,to get herself and family out of the struggles of poverty. A lot of books out there claim the title of being "Based on aTrue Story" but, "From beginning to end" everything written in "Lyfe N My Stilettos", is 1000% TRUE FACTS!! "No left out details, No beating around the bush, and No sugar coating! I am giving you straight Un-Cut exposure into my Past life and Future... Listen closely as I give to you in my first book "Lyfe N My Stilettos".. in depth exposure of my life, and the power of prayer and faith!

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