Louise Warman

Louise Warman was born in London in the late sixties, but raised in suburban Berkshire. Careers as an archaeologist, chef, bookshop manager and occasional ski instructor have been and gone and she has found her niche as a not yet self sufficient gardener in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. She has always loved the process of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, although is all too often distracted by the mountain view or a glut of courgettes. 

If Only Slugs Were Edible: Building a House and Garden in the French Pyrenees is the account of a rather chaotic creation of a garden and self-build, on a miniscule budget and with no mains electricity. It was published in September 2013.
Follow Me! Tales of a Human Piste Map was published in 2013 and Like London Buses in 2014

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