Lynn Squire

Lynn Squire grew up on a farm in Southern Alberta where she spent her days playing a pioneer or a character from a book (and every so often succumbing to her parents’ work ethic). Her imagination would take her to faraway places and on grand adventures.

But the greatest adventure began when the Lord Jesus Christ set her free from the captivity of sin and all its entrapments. He put her on a different course with Him as her captain. While she admits to occasionally straying from His intended course, her faith in Him infuses her writing.

Besides having a number of articles on horsemanship published, Lynn co-authors a fiction-writing column in the Ready Writer. She has written books and contributed to manuals on horsemanship including Management of Resources for Horsemanship Programs and Certified Horsemanship Association Riding Instructor and Trail Guide Manual.

Lynn received the Author’s Award from the Horse Daily Planner Publications and later earned a diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. She graduated from Trinity Western University with a B.A. majoring in Business Administration in 1990. Currently, she is an active member of The American Christian Fiction Writers and co-moderates the Fellowship of Christian Writers online critique group.

Now residing in California with her husband and three children, Lynn spends several hours a day corralling her vivid imagination into short stories, novels, and creative nonfiction. This led to the creation of her book Best of Faith, Fiction, Fun, and Fanciful.

Her current projects include a historical fiction series on the Baptists in Colonial America and Joab's Fire, a story set at the turn of the 20th Century in Alberta, Canada.

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