Margaret High

Who would have ever thought, “Me” with a grade school education, never reading poetry in my life, or

Books of any kind other than school books as a child, both parents were uneducated, that I would have a Book of personalized, and Inspirational Poetry called Heartstrings published.

 I believe there is poetry in each and every one of us. We all have thoughts, feelings, and expressions,

But not everyone has the ability to put those thoughts and feelings into a form of poetry.

I have been blessed with that gift. For years I wrote personalized poems for all my friends, for weddings

Anniversary’s, Friendships, bereavements   , you name it I wrote it. But I want to share that gift to as many as possible. And to inspire those of you who think because you do not have the education, that you cannot possibly do the things you wanted to do, what do you have to lose, just go out there, and do it.

I have a grade 7 education I left my home as a 16 year old naive young girl that grew up on the rock (Bell Island)

On the East Coast of Newfoundland and came to Cambridge, Ontario Canada.

I felt I was destined to work in Factory’s all my life, but an injury forced me to retire early. Almost 60 and only

Ever worked in Factories, no education, where to go from here. A friend introduced me to Toastmasters. (Learn to speak in public) from there Toastmasters helped give me the confidence I needed to pursue a different path.

 I have been vice president of public relations of Toastmasters, as well as one of the founding members of IAIC

Independent Authors and Illustrators of Canada, I am now working on my next Book, Its going to be all about Newfoundland my roots. I have fond memories of the beauty and simplicity of the East Coast as well as traditions.

I know when my end is near, that I have jumped right in and done the things that I’ve wanted to do. Told my family and friends how I felt  about them ..let them know that you love them now , not when it’s too late .lived a happy and fulfilled life and ….   I ENJOYED THE JOURNEY


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