Martin Upton-Eidland

Martin Upton-Eidland is certainly funny, has some good stories to tell, has a great attitude and is very welcoming. He was born in South Wales to an awesome Irish Mum. Martin's earliest memories arise from being raised in a chaotic family home in a 3 bedroomed council house (looking in Google Earth, the district is indeed in the shape of a boot, including the sock - council planning humour), with no less than a Nanna, Mum, Step-Dad, 4 brothers, 2 dogs and 1 cat. The time of the famous Miner's strikes are most memorable, for having to protect the Radio-Rentals television from Step-Dad when Margaret Thatcher was broadcasted on the news. His Mum was quite a caring person with a massive warm heart, and who knew which animal (dog, cat, human) would follow her home.

Martin's wife describes him as caring, and explains that he was solid standing beside her "in sickness and in health".

Thoughout his career, Martin has met many great individuals, and has travelled the world with various clients. Although from a computing background, his interest has always been people and how they react to one another. His experiences has helped him to do a lot of research (both ancient and new) on many aspects of our lives and how we behave. His thoughts are that "for every single person, there is a reason for the way that they are, so don't be too quick to judge". His philosophy, "make it work for the benefit of everyone".

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