Matthew Underwood

I am a new science fiction author with an active imagination. My first book focuses on time travel (Time and disPLACEment).

My second novel (Glimpse) features a man whose dreams foretell future events, a gift that he is thrust into using to save hundreds of lives in the centre of London.

My third novel (Solution-Earth: The Rash) is due out this summer (2012) and is the first in a trilogy featuring two species of aliens who visit earth. They have interlinked reasons for visiting earth, but their efforts act against each other, while humans are caught in the middle.

An ebook exclusive project has begun and should be out in 2012. It will feature a police detective with an odd alter-ego.

More books are planned for the future, including further detective stories, the completion of the trilogy, and more time-bending adventures.

Book(s) By Matthew Underwood

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