Michelle Velky

My name is Michelle Velky and I am the author of a children's book titled Luke and Morgan Learn A Lesson.  I am married and I have 3 children.  Prior to the birth of my first child I taught first grade.  I have a Bachelors Degree in elementary education, and I am currently a stay at home mom and part-time author.

Book(s) By Michelle Velky


Michelle,  When and why did you begin writing 'Luke and Morgan Learn a Lesson'?

The story was inspired by my husband and children.  My husband always tells the children how important they are to each other.  He wants them to grow up and have a close relationship with each other. That is the basic idea of the story.

Describe your book ‘Luke and Morgan Learn A Lesson’ in 30 words or less.

The book is a children's book about a brother and sister whose father is trying to teach them the importance of the sibling relationship.

Do you see writing as a career? Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

My background is in elementary education which is why I wrote a children's book.  I have read many books to children throughout the years and I wanted to write a book that taught an important lesson.

Who designed the cover?

The illustrator Nicolas Peruzzo designed the cover of the book.

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